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“From now on it will be spicy ‘fist fights’ between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen”

According to former F1 driver Jenson Button, the incident between Hamilton and Verstappen is just the start of a series of spirited battles between the two ruffs.

As it happens with title rivals, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton have met a number of times this season, but so far this has never led to a resignation. Until Silverstone, where Lewis Hamilton blasted Max Verstappen off the track.

This resulted in Max Verstappen’s comfortable lead of thirty-two points being reduced to just eight. It goes without saying that the tension is on both sides and if we are to believe Jenson Button it will not improve for the rest of the season.

“From here on it gets tough and that’s good for us as viewers, but I don’t know if it’s good for them,” said the 2009 world champion.

“Emotions are running high, these are the two best drivers to ever drive an F1 car. It will be fist fights in the next races.”

While he also likes the necessary tension, Button also hopes it won’t end like it did in Silverstone.

“We just have to hope it goes on in the right way. I hope they discuss it after this race, I think that’s important. That they understand what happened, that they talk about it, that they put it behind them and that they can continue fighting as they should, without gloves.”

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