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Mercedes motorsport boss: “I do not rule out Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen crashing more often”

Lewis Hamilton
Photo: Mercedes F1 team

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff thinks the battle between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen has become so intense that more crashes are likely to follow.

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton have collided several times this season, but in Silverstone there was an extra dimension because Verstappen was no longer able to continue on his way. In fact, the Dutchman escaped unscathed after Lewis Hamilton catapulted him into the tire wall at Copse Corner.

Both fighters will be face to face again this weekend at the Hungarian GP and Toto Wolff fears more incidents will follow if the battle for the championship continues to be so close.

“I think it’s gotten more intense since Silverstone,” Wolff told Motorsport. “It certainly won’t be the last time they are fighting for a position and hopefully they can do that in a sporting way. If not, we will see more crashes.”

Wolff has never gone wrong for Silverstone thanks to the fact that Hamilton has never gone for it, he looks at the championship in the longer term, the Austrian said.

“I think Hamilton owes part of his success to his maturity and not just his ability as a driver. Long term strategy is important if you want to win a championship because you have to score points.”

“That has led to a situation where you sometimes have to give back a position on the track during the last races. This time neither gave in and the result was a bad crash.”

Wolff does not want to say that Hamilton blasted Verstappen off the track to make a point.

“I think he’s past the point where he should be doing something like that. He is a ninety-nine-time race winner and a seven-time world champion. Lewis Hamilton has nothing to prove to anyone.”

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