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Max Verstappen deserves a bigger lead over Lewis Hamilton in the F1 title fight

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton © Red Bull Content Pool

According to Jacques Villeneuve, the 1997 world champion, Max Verstappen should have had a much bigger lead in the F1 title fight. Last race weekend, Verstappen recaptured the championship lead, the Dutchman is only six points ahead of Lewis Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton has made a lot of mistakes this season, according to Villeneuve, mistakes that he did not always pay ‘cash’ in the battle for the world title, according to Villeneuve.

Max Verstappen has had bad luck several times this season or, according to Villeneuve, was involved in collisions that were not his fault, but as a result of which he lost a lot of points.

“The points do not accurately reflect this championship,” Villeneuve told Italy’s La Gazzetta dello Sport earlier this week. “Hamilton made a lot of mistakes but he paid a small price compared to Verstappen.”

“Just think of Hungary and Great Britain, for example. These were easy races for Mercedes but Lewis underperformed.”

“On other tracks they had less speed or made mistakes, like last race in Turkey. Yes, they are still close together and it is therefore difficult to predict how the championship will end.”

“So far Red Bull and Max Verstappen have been perfect while you could see ‘fatigue’ with Mercedes and Hamilton.”

Villeneuve then makes the comparison with the dominant period of Michael Schumacher and Ferrari.

“In the past Mercedes never really had to push, they won anyway,” said Villeneuve. “It was a bit like Ferrari with Schumacher. Everyone said they were geniuses. Even when they made tactical mistakes, they were so strong that they still managed to win in the end.”

“You see at Mercedes that the team and the drivers no longer form a whole as before. But you certainly can’t write off Mercedes.”

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