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The new Corvette Z06 has the strongest turboless V8 of all time

With the eighth generation Corvette, Chevrolet has taken a completely different tack. His naturally aspirated V8 is no longer in the front – as it has always been since 1953 – but in the middle. The power source is 6.2 liters and delivers 497 hp and 630 Nm. It is mated to an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission and (of course) drives the rear wheels.

Corvette Z06 with a smaller but stronger V8

The Z06 has been standing above the regular Corvette for many years. In the C7 it was equipped with a supercharged V8 with 659 hp and 881 Nm. For the new 06, however, Chevrolet opts for a naturally aspirated engine: a smaller V8 than in the Corvette (5.5 liters compared to 6.2 liters), but with a so-called flat-plane crank, a flat crankshaft.

Racing engine from the Corvette C8.R with 679 hp

It is the block from the Corvette C8.R race car, which responds faster to the accelerator pedal and is capable of higher revs than the engine from the regular Corvette. The result is an output of 679 hp and 623 Nm. And with that, the Z06 has the most powerful naturally aspirated V8 of all time.

Z06 no less than 9 centimeters wider than regular Corvette

It is also striking that the Z06 is no less than 9 centimeters wider than the Corvette. It’s hard to see, but the rear wheel arches have been subtly extended to make way for wider rear tires. You can also recognize the Z06 by the different air intakes on the sides, its differently styled front and the four exhausts in the middle.

Z07 Performance Package Adds Huge Wing

If you do not find the Z06 striking enough, check the Z07 Performance package on the option list. Then you get a large wing on the stern and so-called canards for the front wheels. The Z07 version is also standard equipped with ceramic brakes and a stronger chassis.

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