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Why does Max Verstappen no longer want to participate in Netflix series ‘Drive to Survive’?

The Red Bull Dutchman said last race weekend in Austin that he understands that making ‘Drive to Survive’ is important for Formula 1 to increase popularity but that as a driver he does not like being part of it .

He says that during previous years a rivalry was sometimes magnified to increase the drama of the series and Verstappen does not like that, who says he prefers facts and things that really happen.

He does not specify which parts of the series he means, but whoever follows Formula 1 can form an image of it.

During the first season of ‘Drive to Survive’, Red Bull was the only team to win a race where the cameras were welcome. Ricciardo won two races at the start of the season, while Verstappen won the Austrian and Mexican GPs later in the season.

In that season Daniel Ricciardo plays a prominent role and Max Verstappen is perhaps portrayed less sympathetic. During the third episode it is about the crash in Baku, where both Red Bull drivers eliminate each other, Daniel Ricciardo’s victory in Monaco and how Max Verstappen dealt with it.

Max Verstappen squandered his chances of winning in the principality by parking his Red Bull in the crash barriers during practice sessions. He then explains at the end of the episode how he felt after the Monaco GP.

“I should have won that race,” he said at the time. “It’s hard to see the whole team so happy because you just stand there. You have to try to smile and be happy because the whole team is happy but for me that was definitely the worst moment, I was really not happy. I could literally have demolished the entire Energy Station on my own.”

Later in the season there was the incident with Esteban Ocon, who wanted to double down in Brazil and so knocked Verstappen, the race leader, off the track. After the race, there was even a scuffle between the two drivers with Verstappen stating that Ocon had challenged him.

Finally, at the end of the series, there was a series of images of drivers going to another team and newcomers for the next season followed immediately by the image of Verstappen saying: “I honestly don’t think they even approach our level. I have no problem with it, I just look forward to the ones we have to beat.”

Verstappen himself has never said exactly in which parts of the series he thinks he is being portrayed incorrectly. The Dutchman would still like to make a documentary about his person, as Fernando Alonso had done by ‘Prime’. That way he has more control over how he is portrayed.

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