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Price comparison: Peugeot 308 vs. Volkswagen Golf, Mazda 3, Ford Focus

Peugeot 308

A simple Peugeot 308 with hubcaps costs 27,790 euros. The most chic version of 44,130 euros is the other extreme. On this page we look for the golden mean; a nicely equipped 308 with which you make a good impression, but which does not break your bank account. Then you arrive at the 130 hp, manual Allure version. That car is on 17-inch alloy, its grille and exhaust pipes gleam with chrome and it has daytime running lights in tusk shape. Navigation is standard and for extra seating comfort we pick the AGR driver’s seat from the option list. His total price of 33 grand is not surprising.

Peugeot 308 (130 hp with manual transmission)

  • Allure version – 32,490 euros
  • 17″ Alloy – Standard
  • Navigation System – Standard
  • Digital Instrumentation – Standard
  • AGR driver’s seat – 500 euros
  • Tasty Color (Vert Olivine) – Standard

Total: 32,990 euros

More expensive – Volkswagen Golf

The cheapest Peugeot 308 (27,790 euros) can best be compared with a Volkswagen Golf of 31,490 euros. That price difference of 3700 euros will shake the VW dealer left or right out of your pocket. Because the Golf 1.5 TSI with 130 hp in Style version that we put opposite our ‘ideal’ 308, is also exactly 3700 euros more expensive.

Volkswagen Golf (130 hp with manual transmission)

  • Style version – 34,990 euros
  • 17″ Alloy – Standard
  • Navigation system – 740 euros
  • Digital Instrumentation – Standard
  • ErgoActive driver’s seat – standard
  • Nice color (Lime Yellow) – 960 euros

Total: 36,690 euros

Cheaper – Mazda 3

The Mazda 3 should not be missing in a discussion about beautiful cars. Equipped with Mazda’s deep red paint, the Japanese hatchback comes out best. The basic version with 122 hp costs 27,990 euros, but for 31,490 euros you have the Sportive with 18-inch alloy, heated seats and an extra luxurious finish. And then it also has 150 horsepower.

Mazda 3 (150 hp with manual transmission)

  • Sportive version – 31,490 euros
  • 18″ Alloy – Standard
  • Navigation System – Standard
  • 7″ Digital Gauge Kit – Standard
  • AGR driver’s seat – not available
  • Nice color (Soul Red) – 1150 euros

Total: 32,640 euros

Cheaper – Ford Focus

Why spend days deliberating between a 308 and a Golf, when you can simply get behind the sports steering wheel of a new Ford Focus? The ST-Line X Business looks sporty thanks to the Style package, has a large digital instrumentation and is relatively affordable. You can even tick an AGR driver’s seat, just like with the 308.

Ford Focus (125 hp with manual transmission)

  • ST-Line X Business version – 30,135 euros
  • 17″ Alloy – Standard
  • Navigation System – Standard
  • Digital Instrumentation – Standard
  • AGR driver’s seat – 300 euros
  • Nice color (Desert Island Blue) – 1025 euros

Total: 31,460 euros

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