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Disqualification threatens for Lewis Hamilton in Brazil, also Max Verstappen to stewards


Lewis Hamilton may still be in trouble in Brazil. The DRS system of his Mercedes did not meet the technical requirements during qualifying.

Erik Van Haren, De Telegraaf

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Jo Bauer, the technical representative of the FIA, has now passed the problem on to the stewards. They will look into the file and possibly also hand out a punishment. A Mercedes team member had to report to the stewards at 11.15 pm Dutch time. Hamilton faces a disqualification. In that case, he will probably have to start the sprint race at the back or from the pit lane on Saturday.

At 02:00 Dutch time, the stewards reported that a decision was not forthcoming, because any additional evidence would not be available until the morning of Saturday. It is quite possible that the stewards are waiting for better footage of a moment after qualifying. It can be seen that Max Verstappen first checks his own rear wing, and then checks Hamilton’s model.

Sources report to this newspaper that this is indeed being looked into. Although at the same time it seems very far-fetched to think that the World Cup leader can damage a wing there with one thumb. However, Verstappen has to report to the stewards at 9.30 am local time on Saturday morning, because of touching Hamilton’s car in parc fermé.

Drivers use the folding rear wing in the DRS zones to generate more speed on the straight. The wing may open a maximum of 85 millimeters, but apparently there was more play in Hamilton’s part.

Earlier today, Red Bull already complained to the FIA ​​about the rear wing of Mercedes, although this has not yet led to an official protest. Earlier this season, Red Bull – Max Verstappen’s team – had to adjust the so-called flexible rear wing, after protests from Mercedes, among others. Hamilton was by far the fastest driver during qualifying on Friday.

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