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Business drivers are angry! Grab next to 12 percent addition due to worldwide chip shortage

For people like us – simple mortals without an addition-friendly lease car – it is sometimes difficult to understand electric lease drivers. After all, they have been able to benefit from incentives for years! And we only get a sop from the government, in the form of a 4000 euro subsidy from a jar that is empty after one or two days. Anyway, let’s listen empathetically to what exactly the problem is…

Low addition now at 12 percent on the first 40,000 euros

The low addition for electric cars this year is 12 percent on the first 40,000 euros of the purchase price. Next year, the percentage will increase to 16 percent and the maximum amount will decrease to 35,000 euros. Lease drivers therefore make every effort to have their plug models in before December 31, otherwise they will have to pay more addition.

Electric cars postponed to 2022 due to chip shortage

And therein lies the problem. Due to the worldwide chip shortage, car manufacturers are struggling to deliver on time, so many orders are being postponed to 2022. If you order an electric car now, you can choose from a limited stock or have to take into account a delivery time that sometimes runs up to 18 months. According to the Business Drivers’ Association, many lease drivers are therefore faced with a higher addition than the one they have opted for.

‘Let the order date be leading for the low addition’

The organization therefore asks the government to change the rules. Do not let the date of vehicle registration be leading for the low addition, but the date of order. ‘Just think of the environment, the climate agreement, CO2 reduction and the promotion of electric cars!’ is the purport of the accompanying press release. While for the average business driver, of course, the addition benefit is especially important. Let’s be honest about that.

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