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The Dutch are too shy to choose these new cult colors from Porsche

When you order a Porsche, you can choose from a number of standard colors, but you can also opt for Paint to Sample shades. These are special colors, for which you have to pay (substantially): 9299 euros for the 718 and 911 models, 10.430 euros for the GT3, GT4 and Turbo versions of the 718 and 911. Paint to SamplePlus. Everything is possible. You can go to Porsche with your favorite lipstick and say: I want my car in this shade of pink. Or you can take your hamster in a cage to the dealer and have a colour match of his fur. The costs are shocking: 18,598 euros for the 718 and 911, 20,860 euros for the GT3, GT4 and Turbo.

Demand for individual Porsche colors is increasing

According to Porsche, the demand for individual colors has increased sharply in recent years. Putting together such a color is more difficult than you may think. A car is made of steel, aluminum, plastic and carbon fiber. And for those materials, Porsche has to develop paints with a slightly different composition. There should of course be no color difference between the different surfaces. It is therefore not surprising that the delivery time of a Porsche with PTS or PTS Plus color is a few months longer.

Historic cult colors of the Porsche 964 and 968

Porsche is now expanding the PTS range with some 160 colours, of which the three shades on this page are iconic cult colors from the 1990s: maritim blue, stern rubin and mint green. Porsche fans will recognize them from the 964 and 968. You can expect to see what the new PTS colors will look like on your dream sports car in early 2022, when Porsche will integrate them into the online car configurator. So then you – as the Dutch – have no excuse at all to opt for such a dime-a-dozen meaningless nothing color.

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