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The BMW Concept XM is a stereotype made flesh: that of the aso-suv

We are not always fans of BMW’s current design direction. But maybe you are. In any case, this BMW Concept XM is the ultimate expression of it, with a nose like a battering ram, two devilish ‘horns’ at the top of the rear window and exhausts like the barrels of a gunboat.

BMW XM becomes the strongest M model ever

The name of the Concept XM says it all: this is a BMW M product. When the model hits the market in 2022, the design will have been watered down quite a bit, but the powertrain certainly won’t. According to BMW, the giant SUV will be the strongest M model ever, with a V8 with plug-in hybrid technology and an output of 750 hp and 1000 Nm of torque.

Citroën’s permission for the name

Technically, the XM is related to the X7. It will be placed above that large SUV in BMW’s delivery program, but will therefore not be called X8. Incidentally, BMW has permission from Citroën to use the name XM. The French brand built a large business car called XM from 1989 to 2000.

Interior Concept XM is nothing like the X7

Incidentally, the interior of the Concept XM is nothing like that of the X7. The dashboard is more like that of the BMW iX, with a large ‘shelf’ as digital instruments and infotainment screen. The cabin is not very M-esque, with seas of fine brown leather everywhere. In most BMW M models you come to the right in the carbon fiber and Alcantara.

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