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Ready for Sinterklaas evening: the electric Tesla Cyberquad for children

In November 2019, not only the Tesla Cybertruck was presented, but also the Tesla Cyberquad: an electric ATV (all-terrain vehicle) with matching angular styling. The prototype fits in the cargo bed of the Cybertruck, where it can also be charged via the battery of the electric pick-up. It is not known exactly when the Cyberquad will be released. This is not expected until the Cybertruck finally goes on sale.

Tesla Cyberquad for Kids costs 1677 euros converted

The Tesla Cyberquad for Kids is available immediately. It is available in Tesla’s online shop and costs USD 1900 (converted about EUR 1677). The Cyberquad is 1.14 meters long, 53 centimeters wide and weighs 55 kilograms. According to Tesla, it is suitable for children aged 8 or older. The Cyberquad cannot charge quickly, because it takes no less than 5 hours before the small battery is full enough for a range of 24 kilometers. The top speed of the vehicle is 16 km/h.

Roll up your sleeves, because you have to assemble it yourself

Incidentally, you will not receive the Tesla Cyberquad completed when you order one. You have to roll up your sleeves yourself, because it will be delivered in eighteen parts. And as far as delivery time is concerned: Sinterklaas can order it now, but will only receive it in two to four weeks. Perhaps the Good Saint can send the parcel boat one more time from Spain to the Netherlands …

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