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Max Verstappen is disappointed after a crucial mistake in the last corner: “Don’t know what happened, but this is very disappointing”


Max Verstappen was disappointed after qualifying in Jeddah. The World Cup leader looked to be on his way to pole position but hit the wall in the final corner and eventually qualified third.

The Telegraph

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“That is of course a disappointment,” said Verstappen. “Overall it was a good qualifying. The speed was there, we showed that in the last lap. I don’t know what happened in the last corner. I braked, tried to keep the car on the track, but lost the rear.”

Verstappen could not say so shortly after qualifying whether his gearbox was damaged. If he changes that part, he will have to go back five places on the grid. Pole position went to Lewis Hamilton, ahead of his teammate Valtteri Bottas.

“We had a hard time, Red Bull is incredibly fast here,” said Hamilton. “It’s great that we’re still here. The collaboration with Valtteri is also great. He’s the best teammate I’ve ever had. Tomorrow it will be a close fight.”



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