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Everything is getting more expensive! Second-hand cars are also heading towards unaffordable

In October 2021 you had to pay 20,984 euros for an average used car. That is about 500 euros more than the month before and no less than 2500 euros more than in October 2020. According to AutoScout24, the interest in (plug-in) hybrids and fully electric cars is increasing: plus 16 percent and 23 percent respectively. Which is of course not surprising, because the range of these logically also increases now that more and more different hybrid and electric models are available.

Used cars have never been so popular

Used cars have never been more popular than they are now. This is not only because the Dutch are looking for individual transport due to corona, but also because of the increasing delivery problems with new cars as a result of the worldwide chip shortage. These are so bad that brands choose to omit certain options that require chips, such as BMW that temporarily no longer mounts touchscreens.

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