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The mischievous Citroën My Ami Buggy is a toy for under the Christmas tree

The ‘normal’ Citroën Ami is already a striking appearance. The electric city trolley was unveiled in 2019 and is now in production. Now the French have stuffed it with adventurer knick knacks to give it a tough and robust look. A bull bar, grilles for the lamps, bright roof lighting and robust off-road wheels, all these trinkets give the Ami a tougher look. But the concept is also extremely well thought out.

Removable interior

For example, Citroën has rethought the interior of the Ami, which had to be more robust and weather-resistant for the My Ami Buggy. The new memory foam cushions are therefore removable and washable. The same applies to the various storage compartments. These are also removable and according to Citroën perfect for a picnic. Compared to the Ami, the Buggy even has some extra storage options. The French, for example, devised a special bag that can be attached to the steering wheel with a magnet. But more storage space has also been created in the dashboard, just like with the ‘doors’.

Or well, doors. The My Ami Buggy does not have conventional doors of its own, like its city brother does. Completely in line with the backpacker look, the off-road buggy has water-resistant canvas cloths to close the cabin. A nod to the famous Citroën Méhari.

Under the skin the same

Citroën sees the My Ami Buggy as a perfect leisure vehicle for freebooters. Ideal for going to the beach or the forest. Hopefully this isn’t too far away, because under the skin the buggy is no different from its city brother. This means that the My Ami Buggy can travel about 70 kilometers and reach a maximum speed of 45 km/h. If you have only just reached the sea, you should sunbathe for three hours. That’s how long the My Ami Buggy needs to be plugged in (230V) to be fully charged again.

No driver’s license required

According to Citroën, every child from 14 to 77 years old wants to put this playful concept on his or her Christmas wish list. That minimum age is somewhat optimistic for the Netherlands. Although you can also get into the My Ami Buggy without a driver’s license, you must have a moped driver’s license. And you can only get that at a not so childish age of 16 years.

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