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These 5 features of the Kia EV6 make EV drivers happy

Electric cars like the Kia EV6 are just like ‘regular’ cars: you get in, you put the automatic transmission in ‘D’ and you drive away. Then there comes a time when you need to recharge. By knowing and subsequently influencing the power consumption, it is much easier to charge when it suits you. These 5 functions help with that.

1. Regain total control of braking energy

With the paddles behind the steering wheel, you can set exactly how strongly the EV6 brakes on the electric motor when you release the power pedal. On the highway, position 1 feels familiar, then the electric Kia rolls out like a car with combustion engine. In the city you want to come to a stop faster and more powerfully and choose position 3. You can even hold down the left flipper to slow down to the maximum and recover power. We encourage freedom of choice!

Of course, the EV6 also has one pedal driving, where you ignore the flippers and control the recovery of braking energy with your right foot. This is real one pedal drivingso the car comes to a complete stop.

2. Driver Only button for energy efficient heating

One of the best kept secrets of Kia and Hyundai electric models is the Driver Only button. Push that button (on the EV6 it’s on the control panel that you can switch) and only the part of the cabin where the driver sits is cooled or heated. A simple and smart way to save power, so you can go further on a full battery.

“EV drivers like numbers!”

3. Handy overview of energy consumers

How much power does the climate control consume? Many electric cars do not communicate that information. Why not? Maybe because they don’t want to overload the driver with numbers. But EV drivers like numbers, with the range as the most important thing. The Kia EV6 gives you a handy overview of the energy consumption of the air conditioning, the electronics and the battery care. You learn from this that the air conditioning consumes 9 percent of the electricity on a cold day.

4. Turning off the AC will give you so many miles

Following on from function 3: the EV6 tells you not only how much power the air conditioning consumes, but also how much the driving range increases if you were to switch off the air conditioning. For example 15 kilometers. Hopefully you’ll never have to choose between being warm and getting to your destination, but when that day comes, the EV6 will provide enough information to make an informed decision. Although you are of course always comfortable, because every EV6 comes standard with steering wheel and seat heating. Those energy-efficient hot holders should be in every EV!

5. Kia EV6: fast charging with 240 kW

The Kia EV6 is one of the fastest-charging electric cars available today. Charging the battery from 10 to 80 percent takes about as long as a visit to the toilet, a cup of coffee and answering three apps. After 18 minutes you turn back onto the highway. Its competitors take half an hour or more, but they charge with a maximum of 125 to 150 kW. The EV6 supports 240 kW! You do have to plug in at the charging stations of 300 or 350 kW that Fastned and Ionity are building up everywhere.

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