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The electric Kia EV6 is good for your wallet in these 5 ways

Let’s be honest: for now, electric cars are a lot more expensive than comparable fuel models. This is mainly due to the high price of the batteries and we cannot change that for now. But the purchase price does not tell the whole story. When you buy or lease an electric car, you benefit from cost savings in several areas.

With these costs and benefits in mind, we took a closer look at the Kia EV6. With its price, it is just right for the subsidy on electric cars and offers business drivers a nice addition benefit in 2022 as well. Moreover, it not only charges super fast – as you can read in our previous story – but it also uses electricity efficiently. Here are the 5 ways the EV6 will save you money…

1 – You can get a purchase subsidy on the Kia EV6

To encourage private individuals to buy electric cars, the government has set up a subsidy scheme. From January 1, 2022 you can get an amount of 3350 euros if you buy a new EV. With a tax value of less than 45,000 euros, some versions of the EV6 will also qualify for that scheme next year. You just have to be fast. Before you know it, the subsidy pot is empty again.

2 – The EV6 also remains attractive for lease drivers

The addition benefit for lease drivers is gradually being phased out. In 2022, the low addition for business use will go from 12 percent on the first 40,000 euros to 16 percent on the first 35,000 euros. And that means that the EV6 is still in the favorable addition category with by far the largest part of its starting price. So take advantage, while you still can…

3 – You don’t pay road tax for your EV6

All car owners pay motor vehicle tax, except electric drivers. So let’s do some math. If the Kia EV6 had been a petrol car, you would have had to pay an amount of 282 euros per three months in road tax in the province of Utrecht. But because the Korean crossover has a plug, you now pay nothing at all. Count out your winnings.

4 – An electric car needs less maintenance

An electric motor has much less wear-sensitive parts than an internal combustion engine. No timing belt, no clutch, no spark plugs, no catalytic converter, no oil filter, no air filter, and so on. German research shows that as an electric driver you save up to 60 percent on the costs of maintenance.

5 – You pass the expensive gas station with a smile

Almost 2.20 euros! You paid that record price for a liter of E10 petrol a month ago. The fast charging rate for an electric car is on average 0.60 euros per kWh, although you can go to Ionity with a Kia Charge subscription for only 0.29 euros per kWh. If you charge your EV6 at home or at a public charging station, the rates are between 0.20 and 0.40 euros. An average electric car costs you 0.06 euros per kilometer. Compare that with a petrol car, for which you have lost 0.14 euros.

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