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Top and flop: The good and bad car news from week 3

+ Top – Why this 24-year-old Nissan costs almost 2 million euros

Almost 2 million euros. You normally pay that for a rare Porsche or Ferrari, but not for a Nissan? Well, if it concerns a rare Nismo 400R: number forty of forty copies produced. This is the ultimate Nissan Skyline GT-R R33!

+ Top – This Morgan Le Mans winner is a steal! And this is why…

Okay, we have to admit, this Morgan didn’t actually win the famous 24-hour race. In fact, he hasn’t even ridden a meter on the Circuit de la Sarthe. Morgan introduces a limited edition Plus 4, inspired by the Le Mans-winning 1962 example.

+ Top – Are you going for this Volvo top sedan? Tax free and addition friendly!

If you buy a beautiful classic car of 40 years or older, you do not pay road tax. And as a business driver you enjoy a lot of addition benefit. But what is the ideal car if you also have safety, comfort and a good appearance on your wish list? We present to you: the Volvo 760 GLE!

– Flop – Brand new Tesla Model 3 comes without brake pads!

The build quality of Tesla is legendary! And we don’t mean that in a positive way. Because when you receive a brand new Tesla, the question is always what is loose, missing or falling off along the way. However, we have not yet seen a Tesla Model 3 that was delivered to its buyer without brake pads. Until now …

– Flop – ‘Plug-in hybrids are scams. Consume 230 percent more than stated’

Plug-in hybrids are pure scams, according to Swiss researchers. They consume an average of 230 percent more than is stated and do not deserve to be subsidized by the government.

– Flop – Want a reliable car? Then you shouldn’t buy a Tesla or Alfa Romeo

When going into a reliability survey, it’s always the usual suspects that end up at the bottom: Tesla, Alfa Romeo and Land Rover, with Jaguar and Lancia just slightly above. As usual, at the top we find the Japanese and Korean brands. In fact, the first European brand is only in tenth place!

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