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Which is cheaper, electric or petrol? Comparison Opel Mokka-e and Opel Mokka 1.2 Turbo

With the design of the current Mokka, Opel deliberately said goodbye to the (old) bulbous design of the previous edition. With the sleek, visually defining Vizor grille, a highly digitized interior and cool colours, the new model should appeal to a younger target group. Or did that work? Mwah, on the Dutch market, the Mokka cannot match the success of its French cousin, the Peugeot 2008. In 2021, it managed to seduce almost three times as many Dutch buyers as the Mokka.

Opel Mokka-e versus Opel Mokka 1.2 Turbo met 130 pk

If you consider the Opel, you can choose from five powertrains and three fuel types. The three-cylinder 1.2-litre petrol engine is available with 100 hp or 130 hp. The least powerful version is only available with a six-speed manual transmission, with the 130 hp engine you can opt for an eight-speed automatic. Inveterate dieselers can go to the Mokka 1.5 CDTI (110 hp). The power pack of the range can be found under the hood of the Opel Mokka-e. Noise-free and emission-free, the electric motor placed in the front generates 136 hp. To keep it as fair as possible, we compare it with the most powerful petrol version.

In terms of exterior and interior almost no difference between the two

From the outside, the electric Mokka only distinguishes itself from its petrol brother because it has no exhausts. Both have the same closed, smooth Vizor grille and the grilled air intake at the bottom of the bumper is also the same. The same applies to the interior, although you will never succeed with the electric version to conjure up a tachometer in the configurable instrumentation.

In the back, the Mokka is not a ballroom, although it is less cramped than the sloping roofline and the hefty C-pillars make it appear. With a trunk capacity of 350 liters, the petrol version has a 40 liter advantage over the electric Mokka-e, but that is not an impressive number in this class either.

Electric Opel Mokka is the quietest and fastest

Due to its compact exterior dimensions and pleasant steering, the Opel Mokka is quite a nice SUV. Tight corners rounds it with ease, but the Mokka also feels at home on the highway. Of course, the electric version is the quieter of the two. Especially in city traffic, its smooth, almost silent acceleration gives a kick. The Mokka 1.2 Turbo does not hide its odd cylinder number. That’s not bad at all, because his ruffle sounds sporty.

The Mokka-e driver probably turns his nose up at it, only to put two fingers in it during a sprint duel with the petrol Mokka. Because although the 1.2 only loses 6 horsepower on the Mokka-e and at the same time weighs 300 kilos less, it can only just keep up. If you drive constantly at 100 km/h, the Mokka-e has to be connected to the charging station after 236 kilometers. That is not a top performance, and unfortunately Opel charges an additional cost of 1000 euros
for an 11 kW on-board charger.

Investment in Mokka-e pays for itself after just nine months

Let’s not take that into account, then you only pay 1650 euros more for the electric Mokka in Elegance version after collecting the government subsidy. There are also possible costs of having your own charging station, but then the scraping for the EV driver can begin. At 20,000 kilometers per year, he saves 120 euros a month in fuel costs, 53 euros in road tax and about 15 euros in maintenance.

In total that is a difference of 185 euros per month. This means that you have earned back the additional investment in the electric Mokka after only nine months. The fact that you spend a few euros more on insurance per month is hardly worth mentioning.


Financially, the Mokka-e is the smartest choice. If an electric car also fits your usage pattern, then you are also a thief of your own wallet if you buy a petrol Mocha. For road users who have to pay the (fast) charging costs out of their own pocket, that is a different story. Caravans or folding trailers, the electric Mokka cannot and should not take it with them, so most campers are stuck with a petrol or diesel Mokka anyway.

Opel Mokka 1.2 Turbo 130 pk Mokka-e (7.4 kW lader)
Performance Elegance Elegance
test bruik 6.6 l/100 km
(1 : 14,9)
19.6 kWh/100 km
base price 31.299 36.299
Government subsidy 3350
Total price 31.299 32.949
Residual value after 4 yrs.
in EUR / %
15.524 / 49,6 17.713 / 48,8
All-risk insurance
per month. (1)
36 41
Fuel/Energy Cost
per month. (2)
228 108
Road tax per month. 53 0
Maintenance costs per yr. 690 515
Total cost per month. 704 579
Total cost per km 42,2 cent 34,7 cent

(1) The cheapest all-risk car insurance according to for a 40-year-old driver with 8 claim-free years, based on 20,000 km/year. (2) Based on 20,000 km/year with the measured test consumption. Petrol (E10): average price 2.014 per litre. Electricity: average rate 0.33 euros per kWh.

The full article previously appeared in Auto Review 2/2022† You will also find comparisons between the Peugeot 208 and Peugeot e-208, the Mercedes S-class and EQS, and finally the BMW X3 and iX3.

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