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Diesel driver especially the bobbin by very expensive oil – is LPG an option?

Dutch tax policy has never been favorable to diesel drivers. We have known for years a road tax for diesels that is twice as high, stricter CO2 regulations and therefore relatively more bpm. In 2020, the extra soot tax of 225 euros was added for diesels without a particle filter. You only defy all these thresholds if you seriously make a lot of kilometers. In the past, the turning point for a diesel car against a petrol car was about 20 to 25 thousand kilometers per year, nowadays it is usually higher. Although it can differ greatly from the price and size range in which you shop. But with today’s fuel prices, things aren’t getting any better.

Tipping point diesel vs. gasoline

If you did so many miles that you passed the tipping point, you could keep your car costs in check a bit. After all, a diesel engine consumes less than a comparable petrol engine. In addition, diesel per liter cost about 30 cents less than petrol. For example, you paid 1.70 euros for a liter of E10 (once called euro 95) in March 2021, compared to about 1.39 euros for a liter of B7 (better known as diesel).

Price difference between petrol and diesel halved

Today, the national suggested retail price for E10 petrol is 2.50 euros and for diesel at 2.36 euros. Compared to March, the price difference has therefore shrunk from 31 to 14 cents. This means that the tipping point for diesel drivers will be hit hardest in the wallet of all motorists. Also because they are ‘natural’ frequent drivers. Not by choice or hobby, but usually because they have to travel a lot because of their work. And with the current price levels, a kilometer allowance of 19 cents does not help either. That tax-free amount has been unchanged for years, which is a joke anyway.

Incidentally, in Germany diesel is nowadays even more expensive than petrol, but there again they do not have exorbitant road tax rates.

Is LPG (autogas) a cheaper alternative to diesel?

For the real frequent drivers, switching to petrol is not a serious option. So an electric car? For someone who makes his miles as a commuter and can charge both at home and at work, perhaps. But despite the subsidy schemes, a new or young used EV is still a bridge too far for most people. The same goes for a recent plug-in hybrid.

Perhaps a car on LPG is currently the smartest choice for the private frequent driver. The suggested retail price is also at a record high at 1.31 euros, but the difference with diesel and petrol remains large. And that while you less road tax

will pay – provided the gas installation meets the G3 requirements – for a comparable diesel generator. You usually quickly figure out the difference in road tax compared to a petrol car.

Which (new) cars run on LPG?

The problem is that there are still very few current used cars with LPG in circulation. Initially our hearts skip a beat when presents us with the number of almost 2000 gas cars. But if we take a look, it turns out that there are a lot of large pick-ups and old pastries among them. If we filter them out and set the age limit at 10 years, there will be less than 300 second-hand cars with gas tank about … A have a petrol car converted to LPG is also possible, but it is by no means free. All in all, count on 1500 to about 2000 euros.

New you have to search for cars with a gas installation completely with a lantern. Few manufacturers equip their models with LPG ex works. In fact, at the moment you can only go to Dacia for the BiFuel versions of the Sandero, Jogger and Duster. Until recently, Renault offered the Clio and Captur ex works with gas installation. Unfortunately, that party came to an end with the arrival of the hybrid versions of these models.

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