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Expensive Peel P50: this mini car costs a thousand euros per centimeter

This 1963 Peel P50 recently fetched £111,000 at a British Car & Classics auction. In other words, more than 132,000 euros. and to think that the Peel P50 is only 1.34 meters long and only 99 centimeters wide. Converted per linear meter, 98,564 euros and 63 cents have been paid for the thing.

How ‘big’ is the Peel P50?

The Peel P50 measures only 1.17 meters in height. The thing is powered by a 50cc two-stroke engine from a DKW moped. That brave cracker delivers no less than 4.3 hp. That may not be much, but the trolley weighs only 59 kilos thanks to its polyester body. The top speed is therefore highly dependent on the rider. Under ideal conditions, the Peel P50 should be able to reach a speed of approximately 60 km/h. The highway is therefore not the typical domain of the motorized pedal bin.

Not the most expensive Peel P50 ever

The copy that was auctioned in London is not the most expensive Peel P50 ever, by the way. It came from 1962 and was hammered down by Sotheby’s in 2016 at the equivalent of 157,000 euros. At the time, the place of action was therefore the puny Amelia Island in the United States.

The Peel was produced between 1962 and 1965 by the British Peel Engineering Company. Just wanting to see how small a car they could make, the company came up with a concept version of the Peel P50 at the London Cycle and Motorcycle Show. The reactions were so enthusiastic that the manufacturer started to build the peel in series. Although that series was limited to a meager 46 pieces

How much petrol does the Peel P50 use?

With its dirty two-stroke engine, the Peel P50 is now quite outdated, the fuel consumption of 1 to 42, on the other hand, may still be there. But for those who spend 132,000 euros on a car, this was probably not the most important purchase argument. In any case, the Peel P50 is already an exclusive device, and this copy has a very wild history. He is said to have once reached the top of Blackpool Tower as a publicity stunt. Furthermore, this P50 has a number of unique features, including a lower windscreen, side marker lights from Lucas and an ivory-colored steering wheel. Finally, the later customary roll bar in the back is missing. In view of the tipping danger of the narrow thing, that does not necessarily seem to us a plus.

The Peel P50 gained world fame in 2008 thanks to a broadcast of the British Top Gear, in which Jeremy Clarkson puts a blue P50 to the test.

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