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Price Comparison: Renault Megane E-Tech Electric vs. VW ID.3, Cupra Born, Nissan Leaf

Renault Megane E-Tech Electric

We particularly like the Megane E-Tech Electric EV60 220 hp Optimum Charge. This 39,990 euro mouthful translates as an electric Megane with a battery pack of 60 kWh (good for 450 kilometers), a powerful electric motor of 220 hp and ‘Optimum Charge’, which means that you can quickly charge with 130 kW. These figures are broadly in line with those of the Volkswagen ID.3 Pro, so we start the price comparison. We would always opt for a heat pump, adaptive cruise control, a wireless phone charger and heated seats. The first two luxury stores must invariably be removed from the option list at Renault. The total price is high, but remains within the subsidy limits.

Renault Megane EV60 (60 kWh, 450 km, 220 hp)

  • Techno version – 42,990 euros
  • Adaptive cruise control – 1000 euros
  • Seat heating – standard
  • Heat pump – 800 euros
  • Wireless Phone Charger – Standard

Total: 44,790 euros

Cheaper – Volkswagen ID.3

A heat pump heats the interior in an energy-efficient way, so that you have more electricity left over to travel kilometres, especially in winter. An EV without a heat pump is actually not complete. Based on our wish list, the ID.3 is cheaper than the Megane, but if you dress the Volkswagen better, that price difference disappears.

Volkswagen ID.3 (58 kWh, 426 km, 204 pk)

  • Pro version – 38,390 euros
  • Adaptive cruise control – standard
  • Seat heating – 930 euros
  • Heat pump – 1020 euros
  • Wireless Phone Charger – Standard

Total: 40,340 euros

Cheaper – Cupra Born

Under the skin, the Born and the ID.3 look similar, but their price lists differ. For adaptive cruise control and a wireless phone charger you have to go one version more expensive (standard with VW) and seat heating is on another version more expensive. You cannot tick individual options at Cupra and Borns with a heat pump will only come in the course of 2022.

Cupra Born (58 kWh, 424 km, 204 pk)

  • Adrenaline One version – 41,990 euros
  • Adaptive cruise control – standard
  • Seat heating – standard
  • Heat pump – not yet available
  • Wireless Phone Charger – Standard

Total: 41,990 euros

Cheaper – Nissan Leaf

Long before Volkswagen came up with the ID.3, Nissan launched its progressive electric C-segmenter. In the meantime, the new one is gone, but in terms of specifications, the Leaf e+ with 62 kWh and 217 hp can still keep up. The dealer gives thousands of euros discount and that’s nice, but the Chademo plug of the Leaf is the betamax among the fast charging plugs.

Nissan Leaf e + (62 kWh, 385 km, 217 pk)

  • N-Connecta version – 41,440 euros
  • Adaptive cruise control – standard
  • Seat heating – standard
  • Heat pump – standard
  • Wireless phone charger – not available

Total: 41,440 euros

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