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Why it’s over for the Mercedes S-Class – test against Mercedes EQS

What was the first car with ESP? Which car introduced the world to ABS? The answer to these pub quiz questions is the Mercedes S-class in both cases. Mercedes’ largest has always been about innovation. Moreover, the S-class has been an example of luxury and comfort for decades.

Developed as an electric car

Times are changing and cars are being electrified en masse. The Mercedes S-class cannot escape it either. For example, the Mercedes S 500 is a mild hybrid in this test.
Mercedes goes much further with the EQS. The brand developed a completely new platform for the EQS, especially for electric cars. In addition, the plug-in limousine had to be at least as good as the iconic Mercedes S-class.

Mercedes EQS most streamlined car ever

Entirely in line with tradition, the 5.18 meter long S-class is a stately sedan. The EQS, on the other hand, is a five-door hatchback. Handy for transporting large pieces of luggage. With its Cw value of 0.20, the Mercedes EQS trumps the S-class. In fact, the EQS is the sleekest production car ever.

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Comfort of the highest Mercedes level

The comfort of the Mercedes EQS is a work of art. This is partly due to the sublime air suspension. Furthermore, the multi-adjustable multi-contour seats are fantastic and the sound insulation is perfect. You can only disturb the perfect silence by selecting your favorite music via the gigantic screen.

Six-cylinder with electric muscles in Mercedes S 500

The new Mercedes S 500 no longer has a V8. Instead, there is now a three-liter six-in-line with turbo under the hood. It produces 435 hp, and with the help of an electric compressor and a starter generator, that even becomes 457. The maximum torque is 520 Nm.

S 500 takes a beating from EQS 580

Still, the S-class has to recognize its superior in the EQS. The plug-in Mercedes with two electric motors delivers 524 hp and 880 Nm of torque at its disposal. This allows the electric limousine to reach 100 km/h in 4.2 seconds. That is 0.6 seconds faster than its petrol brother. The S-class has an advantage on the autobahn. The Mercedes EQS is limited to 210 km/h, the S-class reaches 250 km/h. The average Dutch EQS rider shrugs.

Impressive numbers

The EQS 580 weighs 2585 kilograms, more than 600 kilograms more than the S 500. This is partly due to the enormous battery pack of 107.8 kWh. With a test consumption of 24.1 kWh/100 km, the electric Mercedes will go 447 kilometers. If you switch on the eco mode, then a range of 540 kilometers is possible. Thanks to the charging capacity of 200 kW, you can top up another 300 km in 15 minutes. Impressive, but not for the regular S-class driver. The test consumption of the petrol Mercedes is 9.5 l/100 km (1 to 10.5). That translates to a range of 684 kilometers.

Mercedes EQS 580 slightly cheaper than S 500

Those who shop in this segment do not have to pay attention to the pennies. Still, it is nice to calculate whether it is more economical to put an EQS in the driveway. Looking at the purchase price, the two luxury horses hardly differ from each other. For the S 500 you have to transfer 158,226 euros to the Mercedes dealer. That is a fraction more than you pay for the EQS, which costs at least 157,490 euros.

Much lower running costs Mercedes EQS

With electric cars in the price range of the EQS you do not have to count on purchase subsidies or too much addition benefit. But you don’t have to pay road tax. Ultimately, the EQS is not only the best for the climate, but also for your wallet. The monthly costs are always lower than when you go for an S-class. This applies not only to the lower purchase price, but also to the lower operating and maintenance costs.

For many years, the S-class was the embodiment of Mercedes’ drive to innovate. But the EQS has now taken over this role. It is the first Mercedes to be on the platform developed exclusively for electric cars and that resulted in a successful and revolutionary car. In only two areas, it has to give way to the S-class: style and charisma.

Mercedes                         S 500 4Matic                          EQS 580 4Matic
Version Standard Line Luxury Line
Power/torque 457 hp (366 kW) / 520 Nm 524 hp (385 kW) / 880 Nm
0-100 km / h 4.8 s 4.2 s
Test consumption 9.5 l/100 km (1 : 10.5) 24.1 kWh/100 km
WLTP consumption 8.6 l / 100 km (1: 18.2) 18.3 kWh / 100 km
Range 684 km 447 km
Price €158,226 €157,490
Residual value after 4 yrs. € 62,974 / 39.8% € 62,838 / 39.9%
Allriskverz./mnd.           € 153                                                          € 173
Brst./energie/mnd.       € 320                                                         € 133
Wegenbel./mnd.            € 110                                                          € 0
Maintenance/month. € 74 € 73
Until. costs/month € 2641 € 2350
Until. cost/km €1.58 €1.41

1) The cheapest all-risk car insurance according to for a 40-year-old driver with 8 claim-free years, based on 20,000 km/year. (2) Based on 20,000 km/year with the measured test consumption. Petrol (E10): average price 2.014 per litre. Electricity: average rate 0.33 euros per kWh.

The full article previously appeared in Auto Review 2/2022† In it you will also find comparisons between the Peugeot 208 and e-208, the Opel Mokka and Mokka-e, and finally the BMW X3 and iX3.

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