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The Brabus 900 Crawler costs 750,000 euros, excluding taxes! And you can’t even take it on the road…

What do you buy for a multimillionaire who already has everything? A Brabus 900 Crawler. The ultimate toy for someone who doesn’t know what to do with his money. The extreme off-roader is based on the Mercedes G-Class and is being built in a limited edition of only fifteen units, in honor of Brabus’s forty-fifth anniversary. What does the Crawler cost? Ahem … 749,000 euros, excluding taxes!

Do you know when you have too much money? If you can pay 7.5 tons for an all-terrain vehicle that you are not allowed to use on public roads. Because yes, the Brabus 900 Crawler is not street legal and can therefore not be registered. The converted Mercedes G-Class is intended as a desert toy, probably for oil sheiks who already have a huge sandbox in the backyard.

The Brabus 900 Crawler has extreme suspension travel

Incidentally, we write casually that the Crawler is based on a G-Class, but in fact he has not much to do with it. Only cosmetically you can still see some traits of the Mercedes, especially on the nose. Brabus constructed a tubular frame for the Crawler and attached a special wheel suspension to it. The imposing 4×4 has a ground clearance of no less than 53 centimeters, with special all-terrain tires that can compress and deflect over a distance of up to 1.6 metres.

You can guess the power of the steroid G-Class

In the front is a V8 with two turbos, which Brabus refers to as Rocket. And with that, the German tuner is not exaggerating, because at full throttle the block explodes with 900 hp and 1250 Nm. The Crawler weighs more than 2000 kilos, but still goes to 100 km/h in just 3.4 seconds. You can’t do much with it on the autobahn (if you could drive there), because Brabus has electronically limited the top speed to 160 km/h.

Sand bites you will, without windshield and side windows

Possibly you could drive desert rallies with it. Because in the elaborately decorated interior (you almost think you have ended up in Yab Yum’s red room) there is simply a GPS navigation system. One like the drivers in the Dakar Rally also use. You are not very protected in the Brabus 900 Crawler. So you can still have so many millions in your bank account, you will have sand bites …

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