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Top and flop: the good and bad car news of week 19

Friday afternoon, five o’clock. Computer off, the door of your workplace can close behind you, the weekend has started. On we look back on a week in which the return of an iconic car brand was announced and we learned that the subsidy pot for new electric cars is almost empty. Good news, bad news. Top and flop.

+ Top: International is back – but different …

The International Harvester Scout was an American off-road vehicle that tried to compete with the Jeep from 1961 to 1980. The model has – certainly in the United States – a cult status, with a large number of enthusiasts. Volkswagen is trying to take advantage of this by establishing a new electric brand: Scout. That will have to compete with Ford, General Motors, Rivian and Tesla in the increasingly crowded electric pickup market.

+ Top: Huge infotainment screens in cars will disappear

Car manufacturers seem to have entered an arms race. One infotainment screen is even bigger than the next. As if that says something about its user-friendliness and functionality. No, it’s all about the wow factor: look how huge my display is! But that’s going to stop. Big infotainment screens are going to disappear, say BMW and Polestar. Great, because we are already tired of those huge aquariums with their tiring lighting.

+ Top: Volkswagen’s next electric car will not be an SUV!

D-segment sedans – Audi A4, BMW 3 Series, Volkswagen Passat – are falling out of favor. Business drivers prefer SUVs and crossovers. And yet Volkswagen comes with a large plug-in sedan, which for now goes through life as Volkswagen Aero B. Is your future lease car driving here? We really hope so, because actually sedans are much more efficient as electric cars than those high suvs. Our range tests of the Tesla Model 3 and Mercedes EQE also show this.

– Flop: Driving school pass rates far too low

The number of students who pass the driving test is far too low, according to the CBR (Central Bureau for Driving Skills). Only 58 percent of the students pass the practical exam in one go. In the theory test, that percentage is much lower, at 38 percent. According to the Federation Driving School Management, the problem lies with the driving schools. That has to be done better, and the CBR thinks it knows how …

– Flop: 95 percent empty subsidy pot for the purchase of new electric cars

After five months, the end is in sight for the purchase subsidy on new electric cars. Of the total budget of 71 million euros, only 2.5 million euros remains at the time of writing. Good for about 750 cars. Things look less bleak for second-hand EVs.

– Flop: End of combustion engines definitely in sight

It’s been in the air for a while, but now it’s final. As of January 1, 2035 you can no longer buy a new car that runs on petrol, diesel or gas. The European Parliament agrees with the European Commission’s plan to ban the combustion engine. Can you still drive on petrol after 2035?

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