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Summer temperatures from Sunday: your dog or child will get that hot in a parked car!

It has been dry and sunny for weeks, but the outside temperature will also rise from Sunday. Enjoying of course, but the warm weather also poses serious dangers. For example, a child or pet in a parked car overheats sooner than you think.

Despite all the warnings from the police and GGD, every year we come across reports of people who leave their child or pet in a stationary car that is baking in the sun.

That is very unwise at outside temperatures of about 20 degrees. And from 25 the risks only increase. Even if you have to run an errand quickly or drop off something somewhere. The temperature in the car rises much faster than you think. So never leave your dog or child in the car, even if it is ‘just as comfortable sleeping’.

Open windows help almost nothing

If it is around 25 degrees outside, it will heat up to 35 degrees within ten minutes in a car whose engine is not running (and the air conditioning does not work either). After half an hour it will already be more than 40 degrees Celsius. At an outside temperature of 30 degrees, it is already 40 degrees in the car after ten minutes. After half an hour it has even risen to an unbearable 48 degrees. Even if you open the windows a crack! Does your car have leather upholstery? Then it goes really hard and it gets scorching hot inside.

20 deaths from overheating in cars

Incomprehensible, but true: every year about twenty people still die from overheating in a car. This often involves children. This is because they are not yet able to optimally regulate their body temperature and thus overheat more quickly. In animals, such as dogs, this process is even faster.

Driving without air conditioning is no fun either

Incidentally, driving a car without (working) air conditioning is no fun when it gets warmer than 25 degrees. Park the car in the shade before departure or otherwise use sunscreens or window film. Make sure there is sufficient ventilation during the ride. To do this, keep more than one window open, preferably front left and rear right – or vice versa. That way it can go through a lot. On the highway this causes a lot of noise, but you have to take that for granted. Not pretty, but effective: put light-colored towels on the seats and dashboard. This is a good idea, especially if your car has leather upholstery.

How to make your own air conditioner

A bit tricky, but it really helps: make your own air conditioner. What you need: a few filled water bottles that have been in the freezer overnight and a separate 12V fan. Preferably one with a flexible arm that you plug directly into the cigar lighter. Place the bottles firmly in place, for example in a child seat and make sure that the fan blows past the ice-cold water bottles. The effect is astonishing, but unfortunately not indefinitely.

Prevent dehydration on the go

In addition, take enough drinking water with you for the journey, preferably in a cool bag. Taking a few sips regularly will help prevent dehydration. It is also wise to take breaks more often than usual. During the break, preferably put your car in the shade and eat a salty licorice or another savory snack. This helps to retain your body water for longer. Good trip!

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