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For sale – This failed Citroën is a rarer than a McLaren F1! Also more expensive?

Only 106 examples were built of the legendary McLaren F1 – until the appearance of the Bugatti Veyron the fastest production car in the world. Every now and then one is auctioned, invariably for many millions of euros. So what would this even rarer Citroën bring if it is hammered down in July?

The values ​​of classic cars are of course not only dependent on the production numbers. Otherwise a Renault Clio Sport V6 (1309 units built) would have to be just as expensive as a Ferrari F40 (1311 units built). And that is not so. It’s about how greedy car enthusiasts and collectors become of a car. They look at the design (sports cars and convertibles outperform hatchbacks and sedans), the history (did the car race, was it owned by a famous person?) and the competition history (a car that wins Pebble Beach? , wins prestige). Classic Ferraris, Mercedes, Aston Martins and McLarens are doing very well, a failed Citroën is not, with its estimated price of 55,000 to 75,000 euros.

The Citroën BX 4TC rode three Group B rallies and flopped mercilessly

Why do we keep calling this BX 4TC failed? Because he is. It was developed in the eighties for the wildly popular Group B rally class, in which fellow group member Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 garnered so many successes. The Peugeot had little to do with the production 205 and was the very first Group B car with a mid-engine. Why the Citroën engineers with the BX 4TC did not opt ​​for that setup is a mystery to us. In contrast to the regular BX (with engine transversely in the front), the 4TC had its four-cylinder in the length. Hence the extremely long nose of the rally car. The BX 4TC debuted in 1986 in the Group B and managed just three rallies before the class was banned after a number of fatal accidents. The best result of the Citroën was sixth place.

Most road cars were bought back by Citroën and destroyed

To homologate the rally car for the Group B class, Citroën had to build 200 street-legal copies of the BX 4TC. Due to the lack of competition success, it was only not possible to convince many buyers to order one. Citroën sold only 62 BX 4TCs, which were so unreliable and badly assembled to make matters worse that the manufacturer bought back most of the cars from customers. They were ruthlessly taken to the scrapyard. There are now reportedly 40 BX 4TCs left. The car that came in July will be auctioned during the Le Mans Classic, has had only one owner since 1987, who has driven 97,000 kilometers with it. That must have been comfortable kilometers, because even the rally car and homologation special are equipped with hydropneumatic suspension.

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