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Toyota GR Supra MT review – Why a manual transmission makes the Japanese sports car even better

A human soul weighs 21.3 grams, claimed American doctor Duncan MacDougall. But scientists have shot his experiment from 1907 so often that not a shred of it has survived. What we do know for sure is that the soul of the new GR Supra MT weighs exactly 200 grams: the weight of its gear knob. How does it switch? You can read that in our Toyota GR Supra MT review.

What is striking about the Toyota GR Supra MT?

That Toyota has put so much effort into developing the Supra with manual transmission. Because that is not simply a matter of eight-speed automatic out, manual transmission in. At BMW, for example, no suitable gearbox is available. The Toyota GR Supra is similar to the Z4 under the skin, but the manual gearbox that BMW supplies in a number of countries in the entry-level model cannot handle the power of the Japanese. His turbo-V6 with 340 hp and 500 Nm would immediately destroy the mechanics.

Toyota therefore had to go shopping at supplier ZF, where the manufacturer has assembled its own gearbox from already available components. A default copy did not fit. The interior of the Supra also had to change a few things. For example: the gear lever could not fit in the gear selector lever of the automatic transmission, otherwise the driver would bump his hand against the center console during gear changes. They even thought about the weight of the gear knob at Toyota. Test riders found 68 grams too light, 137 grams not weighty enough and 200 grams just right.

What is good about the Toyota GR Supra MT?

Toyota has opted for a short lever, which moves you from resistance to resistance with mighty click-clack strokes, as if your hand is riveted to the H-pattern. This is how a manual gearbox should be in a sports car! Firm and precise, like a shotgun bolt, with which a sniper loads a bullet into the barrel in a tenth of a second. Six bullets in this case, pounding pistons that unfortunately produce a too artificial sound through the speakers of the sound system.

Toyota’s new transmission helps the driver a little, playing with torque when upshifting for the smoothest possible transition and slamming down the throttle. That works perfectly, but for the purists there is an off switch. In addition, the GR Supra Manual Transmission benefits from some improvements to the chassis, which are also coming to the other Supra models in the short term.

Were they necessary? Not necessarily. The GR Supra is and remains a perfectly balanced corner eater, which is happy to lay down meter-long tire tracks on the track. The brand new manual gearbox only gives you even more control. And if you don’t succumb to that, the Supra MT always has a few cosmetic things to offer: a cool red logo on its rear, brown leather in the cabin and three new body colors.

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The manual Supra is about 12 kilograms lighter than a comparable version with automatic transmission. At the sprint to 100 km/h it is nevertheless no faster. If you stir the poker like mad, you can reach 100 km/h in 4.6 seconds. Impressive, but the automatic Supra is 0.3 seconds faster. If the odometer needle threatens to shoot beyond 250 km/h, the six-cylinder in the front is curbed by a limiter in both.

What could be better about the Toyota GR Supra MT?

Few. The look may not be to your taste, with all those fake grilles here and there. Although the biggest objection to the Toyota GR Supra MT seems to us to be the presence of a thirsty six-cylinder engine. The WLTP consumption of 1 to 11.5 you never get in practice, so you are at the pump every now and then, refueling expensive petrol. Ouch!

When will the Toyota GR Supra MT come and what will it cost?

Toyota will bring the manual Supra to the Netherlands after the summer holidays. It is only available as a V6. It is not yet known what its starting price will be. For a Supra 3.0 with automatic transmission you pay at least 89,395 euros. You can also go for the 2.0-litre four-cylinder version. It has a power of 258 hp, goes to 100 km/h in 5.3 seconds and also reaches a top of 250 km/h. It is also about 15,000 euros cheaper, with an entry price of 65,995 euros.

What do I think of the Toyota GR Supra MT?

The GR Supra is a very fine sports car, which receives too little appreciation from the Dutch buyers. Toyota isn’t as big a name as BMW, but don’t let that stop you. The GR Supra’s dynamic qualities are beyond doubt. The new manual gearbox provides an extra dose of experience, which involves you even more when driving. So let alone that machine.

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