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Skoda Enyaq Coupé test – Should you choose it for its greater range?

An SUV coupe makes just as much sense as a sports car with a raised roof. Nevertheless, the long-legged ‘skew marchers’ are indispensable. Skoda likes to follow the trend with the Enyaq Coupé, which in one respect is even a little better than the regular Enyaq. Read in our Skoda Enyaq Coupé test which aspect that is.

Fourteen years ago, friend and foe alike wondered what the hell possessed BMW to bring a useless monstrosity like the X6 into the world. We belonged to the hostile camp, but we have to admit that BMW struck gold in 2008 with the first SUV coupe. Today, almost every car brand has a follower of the X6 in its range.

Even the sober Skoda gave in, and provided the electric Enyaq iV with a more dynamic roofline. But Skoda wouldn’t be Skoda if it didn’t have a practical advantage as well. Because as it turns out, with a drag coefficient of 0.234, the coupé has a slightly better streamline. This ensures lower power consumption, and therefore a fractionally larger range.

Skoda Enyaq Coupé in four engine variants

As with many other electric cars from the Volkswagen Group, the MEB platform forms the basis for the Skoda Enyaq Coupé. You can choose from two battery packs and four engine variants. The Enyaq Coupé iV 60 has a capacity of 58 kWh and produces 180 hp at the rear wheels. In the bottom of the rear-wheel drive iV 80 is a battery of 77 kWh and the power is 204 hp.

The next step is the four-wheel drive iV 80x (77 kWh, 265 hp) and the top model is the 306 hp RS (77 kWh, also four-wheel drive). The latter is a brother of the Volkswagen ID.5 GTX and has a top speed that is not limited to 160 km/h, as with the other Enyaqs, but to 180 km/h.

Skoda Enyaq Coupe test: every advantage …

We drive the rear-wheel drive Enyaq Coupé iV 80, the version with the longest range. It travels 545 kilometers according to WLTP standards. That is about eight kilometers more than the range of the regular Enyaq iV 80. A marginal difference, but it is still a lot further than the charging cable is long.

The Enyaq Coupé may have the roofline of a coupé, with a length of 4.65 and a height of 1.62 meters, it remains a large car, with a large interior space. Only people of an adult height should bow their head when getting in and out. Sitting in the back seat, on the other hand, everyone can stretch both the legs and the neck, despite the presence of a panoramic roof.

In addition to the decreased ease of entry, the coupé version has another (small) disadvantage. With the rear seat in the passenger position, the luggage space swallows 15 liters less of bags and suitcases than that of the regular Enyaq. Yet we can hardly imagine that anyone will complain about a trunk volume of 570 liters. With the rear seats folded down, it is 90 liters at the expense of the coupé. Nevertheless, you still have 1620 liters left for all your stuff, which you can slide in with great ease over the flat loading floor.

A bit like slaloming with an elephant

You will quickly feel at home in the well-finished interior with its soft materials, although some drivers will have to get used to the large number of icons on the large (13-inch) touch screen. At first it’s like looking at a sandwich with sprinkles. Fortunately, the Enyaq still has physical buttons for frequently used functions, instead of those clunky touch surfaces. The instrumentation in front of the driver’s nose is also digital and, if desired, displays the navigation screen. On top of that, our test car also has a head-up display.

The Enyaq Coupé has the firmly tuned chassis that we already know. It provides rock-solid road holding and forms a fine combination with the communicative steering. Fast corners are no problem for the car, but due to the car weight of about 2.1 tons, it still feels a bit like slaloming with an elephant. Light-hearted is different. Like so many electric cars, the hefty Czech is mainly made for relaxed cruising. Wind noise and chassis noise hardly penetrate the interior and the sports seats of the test car offer a lot of lateral support.

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On country roads and in city traffic you can make optimal use of the recuperative brakes. With the selector lever you can control the extent to which the car brakes on the electric motor in such a way that you hardly have to use the brake pedal.

Improved software for slightly faster loading

Despite its faster appearance, the Enyaq Coupé is just as average a fast charger as the version without a dynamic roofline. At 135 kW, the fast-charging cake is gone, yet new software ensures that the charging process is slightly faster than before. On the fast charger, the battery pack goes from 10 to 80 percent capacity in 29 minutes. This takes about eight hours on an 11 kW home charger. Enyaqs that have already been delivered will also receive the software update in the near future. This requires a visit to the workshop, after which over-the-air updates are possible.

In the top version RS, the Enyaq Coupé must cost 58,990 euros in the Netherlands. The iV80 is 2100 euros cheaper. For an iV60 – with the smaller 58 kWh battery – you have lost at least 51,690 euros.


We don’t expect many Enyaq buyers to succumb to the coupé version because of the fractionally larger range. No, it will be purely about the slightly more dynamic lines, which are indeed better with the Czech than with many other suv coupes. The biggest drawback is the less comfortable entry, the space concessions are very limited. What remains is an attractive-looking, pleasant driving EV with a good range, but only average charging performance.

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