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Car Sales 2022 – Why you used to only buy a Toyota with your head

Toyota currently offers exactly the cars that the Netherlands needs: economical, affordable, attractive-looking and recently even with a plug. But there were times when the Toyota love only went through the wallet.

Let them slide at Toyota. Since the moment that CEO Akio Toyoda shouted his ‘no more boring cars’ from the rooftops, the Netherlands has started to love Toyota again. The market share is rising steadily, from 4.81 percent in 2016 to 7.5 percent in 2022. The Yaris, Yaris Cross and Corolla are popular and the stars also seem to be favoring the new Aygo X and the electric BZ4X.

The Dutch chose the Toyota Prius with their wallet

It is not the first time that Toyota has experienced a boom. In 2009 and 2010, the market share was even substantially higher (9.66 and 8.48 percent), but that was due to tax rules. For cars that emitted less than 110 grams of CO2, you did not have to pay road tax and the addition was favorable for business drivers.

The Dutch, who at first shouted that they would never buy such a loft, eagerly put their principles aside in order to save a few cents. In 2009, 8326 Priuses were sold, in 2010 there were 7858. In 2014 there was no longer any advantage and the Prius was immediately put on hold. The number of sales fell in one year from 3730 to 286.

The same rules made 2016 the worst Dutch Toyota year: attractive arrangements were created for plug-in hybrids and fully electric cars. And that was the period in which Toyota had an anti-plug campaign: those were just nonsense, if you were fiddling with the charging station in the rain.

Do you remember the Toyota Paseo and Previa at all?

Which models have been the most popular in the past thirty years? The Corolla takes the lead, followed by the Yaris and the Aygo. At the bottom of the list we find models that we almost forgot. Do you remember the Paseo, a small coupe from the nineties (801 sold)? The Tercel, perhaps (8160 enthusiasts)? It was the first Toyota with front-wheel drive, in Japan it was sold as the Toyota Corsa. And at the sight of the Toyota Previa, an MPV with crazy convex shapes, 1898 Dutch people still became greedy.

There were also great successes. The rock-solid Carina achieved figures that no other D-segmenter in 2022 comes close to, with more than 6000 registrations annually between 1992 and 1995.

Toyota has certainly not forgotten the sporty drivers

Toyota now combines old values ​​(economy and reliability) with an unusual design. Personally, we think that a fold or line can be removed on some models, but why listen to us if the cash register keeps ringing? Even the enthusiast can go to the Japanese for a GR86 or Supra.

Top 5 – Best-selling Toyotas since 1983 (in the Netherlands)

  1. Corolla – 216.298
  2. Yaris – 163.851
  3. Aygo – 140,422
  4. Starlet – 111.004
  5. Avensis – 71.027

Best-selling Toyota models since 2017 (in the Netherlands)

  • 2017: Aygo – 7458
  • 2018: Aygo – 7615
  • 2019: Aygo – 8655
  • 2020: Yaris – 6439
  • 2021: Yaris – 6457

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