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Toyota Corolla review (2023) – Stronger, faster and as economical as ever

Simple facelift for the Toyota Corolla, right? Little interesting. But wait, the almost invisible exterior changes hide important technical improvements that will make the life of buyers and lease drivers a lot more pleasant. You can read which ones they are in our Toyota Corolla review.

What stands out about the new Toyota Corolla (2023)?

Well, what is not really noticeable: the external changes. Let’s run through them. There’s a different grille pattern in the grille and new wheels and colors are available, that’s about it. More interestingly, the more expensive Toyota Corolla models now have bi-LED headlights, with an optional adaptive high-beam assistant.

From the outside we go in, where two changes stand out: the addition of a nice, clear digital cockpit and the fact that there seems to be an open laptop on the center console. It is the grown infotainment screen, which runs the latest version of Toyota’s multimedia system and can now receive over-the-air updates.

What’s good about the new Toyota Corolla?

The big news lies under the body, where Toyota has placed a more compact, lighter, but stronger battery. The lithium-ion battery weighs 18 kilograms less than before (depending on the powertrain) and can now release and absorb energy faster, such as with regenerative braking.

The Corolla is available in two hybrid versions. We drove the 1.8 Hybrid, which has received a power boost from 122 to 140 hp and dives under 10 seconds for the first time in the 0-100 km/h sprint. That does not change the CO2 emissions of the Corolla. In theory, that is still at 102 g/km, with a WLTP consumption of 1 to 22.2.

According to Toyota, the top model of the Corolla range, the 2.0 Hybrid, has even become slightly more economical after the update. He went ahead with 16 hp and almost reached 200 hp, but is more than 1.5 kilometers further on a liter of petrol (1 in 20.8, was 1 in 19.2). Plus, he’s gotten seriously fast. After 7.5 seconds you fly past 100 km/h.

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Those numbers don’t tell the whole story, though. A Toyota engineer explained to us that the tuning of the hybrid system has also been tinkered with, so that the powertrain responds more quickly to input via the accelerator pedal. In addition, the combustion engine runs less speed during acceleration, which improves the noise level in the interior.

And that is noticeable along the way. We didn’t have a decibel meter with us, so we don’t have hard figures, but the Corolla does feel more relaxed. You can still hear the 1.8-litre four-cylinder roar a bit when you sprint away at the traffic light (it’s attached to a CVT box after all), but not so annoying anymore.

In any case, it is crystal clear that the upgraded Corolla is better on track than before. In the current model – which will be relieved in early 2023 – there seems to be a rubber band on the right pedal, which first stretches and only then opens the throttles, or gives the electric motor a jolt. That slight lag in the Toyota’s response is now largely gone.

What could be improved about the new Toyota Corolla?

On the roads around Brussels – where we drove the upgraded Corolla – we noticed that the chassis is sometimes surprisingly hard. Irregularities are then passed on too emphatically.

When will the new Toyota Corolla come and what will it cost?

Toyota is early with the press introduction, because this Corolla will not replace the current model until early 2023. It is not yet known what it will cost. The current Corolla is available from 29,150 euros for the hatchback, 30,150 euros for the Touring Sports and 31,450 euros for the sedan.

What do I think of the new Toyota Corolla?

If you’re considering a Toyota Corolla, hold on a little longer. Because you would prefer this renewed variant, which will be launched after the turn of the year, with more power and a hybrid powertrain that feels a lot more awake and sounds less under full load. The nice new infotainment system is the icing on the applesauce.

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