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BMW disagrees with Auto Review colleague Bart and will build hydrogen cars

Auto Review colleague Bart does not believe in hydrogen, he wrote last month. But BMW again does not believe in Bart, because the brand has just announced that it will introduce hydrogen cars. They were developed together with Toyota and will be launched in 2025.

In September 2021, BMW unveiled the iX5 Hydrogen Concept, which has a considerable range with two hydrogen tanks totaling 12 kilos (BMW does not yet know how much exactly). According to BMW, the iX5 Hydrogen will go into limited series production at the end of 2022. A major advantage of a hydrogen car is that it can be refueled within three to four minutes. With an electric car you are now busy for at least 25 minutes. The disadvantage, which colleague Bart also mentioned in his article, is that there are currently virtually no filling stations with hydrogen. At least not in the Netherlands.

‘Fuel cell particularly relevant for large BMWs’

“We see that fuel cell technology is particularly relevant for larger SUVs,” BMW’s Dutch sales director Pieter Nota told Japan’s Nikkei. “We believe in the importance of different technologies: electric cars, hydrogen vehicles, but also efficient petrol engines. After all, the charging network for EVs is not yet equally well developed all over the world.” Nota added that the scarcity of metals for battery production (lithium, cobalt and nickel) and the shortage of computer chips are also obstacles to the transition to electric cars.

Development of hydrogen cars together with Toyota

“We are working with Toyota on several projects,” said Nota. The BMW Z4 and Toyota Supra are subcutaneously the same. Only by sharing the development costs could the models be made profitable. The market for convertibles and sports cars has been shrinking in recent decades. In the case of the Z4/Supra, BMW was in the lead, but when it comes to hydrogen cars, Toyota has the most experience (there are already two generations of the Mirai). The new BMWs with fuel cell technology will hit the market in 2025.

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