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The next BMW M3 / M4 really doesn’t sound like a meter

You know what gives us goosebumps? The screeching induction sound of the BMW M3 CSL (2004) and the exasperated howl of the BMW M5 E60 (also 2004). We will often think about it when in a few years we are in a BMW M3 / M4 that makes no noise at all. Because yes, it will also be fully electric. This is the first prototype of it.

Atmospheric engines are really no longer possible, which is why BMW switched to turbos for the M3 / M4 a few years ago. They boost the six-cylinder BMW’s sporty twins to high performance, but unfortunately have a nasty side effect. Turbos muffle the sound of an engine, so BMW M engineers have had to use all sorts of tricks to create an epic soundtrack. The current M3 and M4 have a composed engine sound, with all kinds of annoying pops and screeches. In the interior you hear little, so BMW just pumps fake sound through the speakers into the cabin.

Next BMW M3 / M4 gets powertrain with four electric motors

That will be no different with the future M3 / M4, because it will be fully electric. BMW is testing the powertrain in a modified i4 M50, which is equipped with the current M3 / M4 nose and a set of firmly beaten wheel arches. The standard i4 M50 has two electric motors, one on the front axle, one on the rear axle. This test car drives around with no fewer than four electric motors, one for each wheel. Linked to this is a smart system that can distribute the power to each individual wheel in milliseconds. This allows BMW M to continuously and very precisely adapt the powertrain to the conditions.

Later this year, a BMW M monster SUV with hybrid technology

BMW M celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. There are now three electric semi-M models: the i4 M50, the iX M60 and the i7 M70. Later this year, BMW will introduce the first hybrid-M. Is it a sports coupe with razor-sharp reflexes? Is it a new mid-engined sports car, like the M1 once? No, BMW M comes with the most un-M’s car ever: a huge monster SUV with V8 and electrical engineering. The device is called BMW XM and has a power of 650 hp and 800 Nm of torque. The colossus can drive fully electric for a maximum of 80 kilometers on its battery.

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