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Bumblebees at Red Bull? Teammate Max Verstappen angry after the Dutchman doesn’t want to let him past: “After everything I’ve done for him…”

Sam Varewyck

Some context: where Verstappen has been certain of the world title for several weeks, his teammate Pérez is still fighting for second place in the World Cup. He is in a battle with Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc and can therefore use every point. Czech seemed a long way to third in Brazil and in that case had gained some points on his competitor, but after a late safety car the Mexican was on slower tyres. Pérez was a bird to the cat and dropped from third to seventh place.

Verstappen also overtook Pérez, putting the Dutchman in sixth place. Pérez would clearly have liked his teammate to let him pass, because those two extra points can just make the difference in the fight for that vice world title. Something that Red Bull also agreed with, because the pit wall asked Verstappen several times to change places at the end. Only the latter did not respond.

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Pérez immediately received an apology from team boss Christian Horner on the team radio after the finish, but was of course angry. “This shows who he really is,” said a clearly irritated Pérez. In an interview with FOX he also indicated that he does not understand why Verstappen did not give him the position. “After everything I’ve done for him. If he has two world titles, it’s because of my help.”

Verstappen: “I can help him in Abu Dhabi”

Verstappen was not aware of any harm immediately afterwards. “I already told you after the last time that you don’t ask me that anymore. OK? Am I clear about that? I have already given my reasons and I stand by them,” the Dutchman told the team radio.

Verstappen softened his tone after the race, when he was interviewed by the people of ViaPlay. “We just discussed the reasons together, I am not going to tell you what they are here. When we go to Abu Dhabi next time and Czech needs the points in the battle with Leclerc, then of course I can help him. But it is important that we have discussed this first.” Whether the chunks are glued with it remains to be seen.

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