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The cabinet is spending 22 million euros on this clean fuel

It is five to twelve with regard to the climate target of the Netherlands. To turn the tide, the cabinet is pulling its wallet. No less than 22 million euros will go to a clean fuel that will turn the cabinet around like a leaf on a tree …

The Netherlands must have reduced its CO2 emissions by 55 percent by 2030 compared to 1990. And as it stands now, we are not going to achieve that. The Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL) estimates that this will be 39 to 50 percent, as evidenced by this publication by the government agency. So work to do for the cabinet!

Using multiple techniques

In order to achieve the climate goals, State Secretary Heijnen (Infrastructure and Water Management) wants to focus on several techniques for driving without emissions, according to a news report from the cabinet. Remarkable, because the magic word used to be ‘battery-electric’ and hydrogen was more or less ignored by the cabinet. That is why you see the charging stations sprouting like mushrooms and hydrogen stations do not.

Especially trucks

According to the State Secretary, hydrogen is one of those technologies for emission-free driving. And so there will be a subsidy scheme of – initially – 22 million euros for the realization of more hydrogen stations. With accompanying trucks, because Heijnen wants to focus on trucks and other heavy traffic on hydrogen.

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Get rid of the chicken-egg problem

The subsidy scheme is expected to start in early 2024. Those who want to benefit must therefore not only submit plans for the realization of a hydrogen station, but also purchase a hydrogen-powered truck, with the cabinet aiming for around 20-25 units per hydrogen station. With the subsidy, Heijnen wants to break through the chicken-egg problem of hydrogen.

15 hydrogen stations in the Netherlands

Our country currently has 15 hydrogen stations. But not every hydrogen station is suitable for a hydrogen-powered truck. It fills up with a pressure of 350 bar and that is not possible at every hydrogen station. A hydrogen car such as the Toyota Mirai refuels at 700 bar and that is possible at almost every hydrogen station in the Netherlands.

A pittance

The 22 million euros that Heijnen has earmarked for the subsidy scheme is estimated to be sufficient to get a hydrogen station with accompanying trucks off the ground at five to ten locations in the country. The Netherlands wants all new trucks to drive without harmful emissions from 2040. Incidentally, 22 million is a pittance compared to the billions of euros that Germany invests in hydrogen.

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