Are you going for this Volvo top sedan? Tax free and addition friendly!

Several cars have recently passed in review here, which will become MRB-free in 2022. But we also sighed that many…

6 months ago

Low addition 2022 – With these electric cars you will soon be able to benefit from 16 percent addition

If you lease a fully electric car, in 2021 you will pay a low addition of 12 percent on the…

7 months ago

Many lease drivers no longer want an electric car, now that the low addition is higher

You can hardly speak of a pronounced additional tax benefit for electric cars. For a fuel car you are at…

7 months ago

Business drivers are angry! Grab next to 12 percent addition due to worldwide chip shortage

For people like us - simple mortals without an addition-friendly lease car - it is sometimes difficult to understand electric…

7 months ago

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