Union: ’90 percent of workers do not receive a covering mileage allowance’

The maximum tax-free kilometer allowance will increase from 19 to 21 cents next year. A small improvement, but probably still…

5 months ago

Employers willing to pay a higher mileage allowance. Unions don’t believe it

With the recent cut in excise duties, fuel prices are no longer as insanely high as they were a few…

8 months ago

Does your kilometer allowance not cover your travel costs? Please be patient, an increase is coming

Fuel prices have fallen quite a bit in the past week, but are still at insanely high levels. At the…

8 months ago

Why everyone who works should receive a kilometer allowance of 0.19 euros

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has pushed fuel prices even higher. At the time of writing, the national suggested retail…

9 months ago

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