Son of Michael Schumacher has to fight for seat, American knocks on the door: what about the musical chairs in F1?

Mick Schumacher is fighting hard to secure his seat at Haas for next year. Logan Sargeant (right) seems well on…

1 month ago

A mini-Tomorrowland with 35 DJs to stay in F1: Spa still wants to force a spot on the calendar with ‘American show’

©  Mercedes F1 teamDJs, high-quality catering, lots of fringe spectacle and above all a well-developed traffic plan. That is what…

4 months ago

American RDW: ‘Tesla misleads customers with nonsense claims about Autopilot’

The American RDW, the Department of Motor Vehicles, is a bit slow-witted. Because the organization is only now raising objections…

4 months ago

Elon Musk is a fan of modern slavery and calls American Tesla staff lazy

You must have a boss like that… One who is the richest man in the world, but doesn't let his…

7 months ago

American does not know how manual transmission works, his expensive Ford GT crashes

Oops, this page is no longer working. But don't worry! We are happy to help you. This way you can…

7 months ago

Car sales 2021 – Why so many Dutch people buy large American pick-ups

'Real men don't eat sushi.' With this slogan - anything but woke - the Swedish (!) Chevrolet importer tried to…

11 months ago

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