How is it possible that dirty, old classics are more environmentally friendly than electric cars

Grist to the mill of classic drivers: old-timers are less harmful to the environment than fully electric cars. But before…

3 months ago

Do you have a dirty, loud fuel car? Then you will pay more for parking in 2023

No wait, that headline isn't quite right. Because with a fuel car you will soon pay the normal parking rate.…

3 months ago

Bernie Ecclestone: “No F1 in Russia? Is Russian money suddenly something dirty?”

The start of the Russian GP in 2021 — © Daimler mediaAccording to Bernie Ecclestone, the Russian GP could in…

7 months ago

Mercedes fears ‘dirty’ denouement of F1 title battle in Abu Dhabi

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen — © Mercedes F1 teamThe 2021 F1 season is heading for a great thriller as…

10 months ago

Auto Review 12 in the shop – The Audi RS 3 is dirty, filthy, but so tempting!

He doesn't care about the fate of the polar bear and makes fun of the greens with his bright paint.…

10 months ago

First review Audi RS 3 (2021) – A dirty, dirty all-rounder to love

What is striking about the Audi RS 3 (2021)? Have you ever seen movies from the Group B rally era?…

11 months ago

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