Test – For longer rides you should have the Fiat 500e, not the Mini Electric or Honda E

Are you looking for an electric city car with which you can outrun everyone and also look good? Fiat, Honda…

7 days ago

But of course Mini also comes with an electric SUV: the Mini Aceman

Now we have that eternal discussion again: is this an SUV or a crossover? Mini itself sticks to the latter,…

3 weeks ago

Unfortunately! Why you should not buy this electric Mini Convertible

Excellent idea from Mini: an electric convertible. Why haven't other brands thought of that? We can't wait for the Mini…

1 month ago

Expensive Peel P50: this mini car costs a thousand euros per centimeter

This 1963 Peel P50 recently fetched £111,000 at a British Car & Classics auction. In other words, more than 132,000…

5 months ago

What better car name than Wuling MINI EV GameBoy Party Sweetheart Edition?

Long name, so there must be a big car behind it, right? No, the Wuling MINI EV GameBoy Party Sweetheart…

5 months ago

Classic Mini is the ideal electric city car. So Mini rebuilds the car for you

Oops, this page is no longer working. But don't worry! We are happy to help you. This way you can…

7 months ago

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