FIA pleads guilty: “Hardware problem caused ‘glitch’ at the end of VSC period”

The FIA ​​has admitted that during the closing stages of the French Grand Prix there was a hardware problem that…

2 weeks ago

Sergio Perez very frustrated after losing third place: “I got wrong information about the end of VSC period”

At the French GP, Sergio Perez lost the battle for third place in a somewhat clumsy manner when the race…

2 weeks ago

MotoGP star Fabio Quartararo found the key to new success in a difficult period: “Even now that things are going well, I continue to work hard”

©  ISOPIXHe is the star of the moment in MotoGP. Fabio Quartararo won his first world title in the premier…

1 month ago

Lewis Hamilton candid about ‘mentally and emotionally’ difficult period: “Sometimes it’s hard to stay positive”

©  ISOPIXFormula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton (37) has expressed himself on Instagram about his mental and emotional struggles. "On certain…

4 months ago

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